Belinda Vesey-Brown

Belinda Vesey-Brown is the Managing Director for Brandonian and BRIO Group. Both businesses work together to provide an end to end strategic and tactical branding solution .Brandonian specialises in helping the business to business sector grow their brand across services and product marketing using the power of Brand Archetypes.

Some of their clients include:

Property/Real Estate – Console

Medical – MedHealth

Luxury Mens Grooming- TrueFitt and Hill: Guinness book of records as oldest barber shop worldwide (Edified by the Queen and was used by Winston Churchill) Technologies: BayTech

Belinda is passionate, perceptive and driven. She has worked with many businesses of all sizes to find their brand archetype, genuinely connect with their target market and fulfil their commercial goals.

Since starting her business in 2002 and combining it with the chemistry of Brand Archetypes, she found that facilitating their discovery allowed clients to find their voice, develop an innovative strategy, cut through the noise in the market and connect with potential customers.

Belinda’s expertise are in all facets of branding including but not limited to: brand strategy, neuromarketing, behavioural change.

Belinda has over 20 years’ experience in marketing with a wealth of practical insights to share. Her presentations are informative, innovative and entertaining.

Belinda’s experience enables her to present in categories including:

Branding, Neuromarketing, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Sales, Leadership, Communication, Innovation, Women in business.