Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams is the director of the global Institute for Intuitive Intelligence. The Institute’s purpose is to mainstream the intuitive sciences and to teach people the tools of intuitive intelligence. This is our highest form of intelligence and when practiced can lead to an optimised reality in which we live with abundance, infinite power and inevitable success. Ricci-Jane speaks about evidence-based, peer-reviewed intuitive science and quantum physics that when applied through intuitive intelligence change lives and the world we live in for the better.

Ricci-Jane is an award-winning writer, and author of best selling Spiritually Fierce, a handbook for living an optimised life. She has a doctorate from the University of Melbourne. She is a qualified Transpersonal Counsellor and has spent over twenty years devoted to her spiritual awakening.

Speaking Topics

Ricci-Jane’s presentations meet at the intersection of ancient and leading edge science, philosophy, spirituality and the transpersonal. Topics include:

  • Intuitive intelligence in leadership, self-reliance and innovation
  • The science of intuitive intelligence and intuition
  • Creating an optimised reality
  • Fear hunting and understanding how we can work productively with fear
  • Accessing the subconscious to end limiting beliefs and habits
  • Understanding and living from the Universal Laws
  • Heart brain science
  • How to connect to the quantum level of reality and to access this level of information to build a life of inevitable success, and so much more.