Melinda Carbis-Reilly

Melinda Carbis-Reilly combines her deep spiritual connection with her skill sets as a naturopath and fitness therapist in creating thought processes to help enhance lives.

Melinda is the creator of Redhead Wellness Sanctuary, a holistic centre for health and fitness. Redhead Wellness Sanctuary is the hub for Melinda’s workshops, consultations, coaching and classes. The Sanctuary’s expansive services provide online courses and workshops to enhance global health and spiritual awareness.

Melinda is the author of two books with more to follow. Melinda’s books are designed to empower the reader to take charge of their lives.

The Natural Path, a book written for families to guide themselves back to health with simple home remedies and natural health solutions. The book is based on the principle that we are all born with the innate ability to self heal. Nature and our own intuition are the most powerful and yet gentle tools we have to help us overcome small to large hurdles in our well-being. Let’s remember how to use them.

Diggin’ Your Dark Side, is a heart felt autobiographical self-help book for those experiencing depression, anxiety and overcoming past traumas. This book offers a unique combination of tools to improve spiritual, physical and mental health with the belief that all mental health conditions effect every aspect of our lives and require our love and attention to bring ourselves back to peace and joy.

Melinda is a philanthropist, an activist in her local community of Newcastle with her efforts to support multiple local organisations and holds events and workshops for the community to build awareness to much needed movements and a sense of belonging for the greater community.

Melinda and her husband
Glen support global organisations such as Hands across the water and KOTO. Melinda’s company Redhead Wellness Sanctuary hosts the annual Fernleigh 30 event and other fundraiser efforts to help these much needed organizations.

Melinda is a mother and step-mother to 6 beautiful children. Melinda has been faced with the challenges of losing a child, learning to become a step mother and juggling a work and family life balance. With these experiences, she wants to pass on as many of her learnings as possible to help enrich the lives of others and assist people who may be faced with similar life-challenges.

Overcoming major clinical depression, Melinda has a true passion for mental health and believes we all have the innate ability to self-heal through our intuitive guidance or inner voice.

Melinda is the creator of many workshops and courses to assist people in their own personal journey towards being the best version of themselves.



Every workshop I have been to with Melinda has been a life changing and eye opening experience. Melinda has this vibe about her that makes
you feel like you have known her for years and that she’s got your back. Because of this everything she teaches resonates on a much deeper
level, it doesn’t just scratch the surface; it goes deep into your soul. Melinda has incredible passion about the work that she does and it
exudes into every single word she says. When she speaks, you can tell that she really wants to help you transform your life!
Melinda humanises the wellness movement. She brings complex systems and knowledge to her workshops and shares them in a simple,
user friendly way with storytelling, humour and intuition. Melinda challenges today’s typical beliefs about health and reminds you that you
are in control of your life. She gets you excited to wake up everyday and be the best you possible. – Holly Cootes  Events Manager

Mel is amazing to work with! Her speeches are so high energy and positive. She is so motivating and pushes you to think beyond your boundaries. Mel is really approachable and so caring of her participants. I love how at the end of every session she offers amazing practical advice. – Kate