Inspirational and Motivational Speakers


Following are some of the best Inspirational and Motivational Speakers in Australia



RAPHAELA FOXX – is a World Leader in encouraging people to find their authentic self. Italian born Raphaela takes a passionate and original approach to help you discover your authentic self. With a tapestry in Relationship Building, communication, branding development, culture change, her self-awareness, self esteem, her self empowerment teachings are transforming. For the past twenty five years, Raphaela has introduced “the language” of Empathy, Love and forgiveness.[More…] LIZA PAVLAKOS – Survivor, Entrepreneur & Storyteller. Liza Pavlakos is a successful keynote speaker acclaimed for energizing audiences with her straight-from-the-heart way of engaging and communicating with people[More…] LEIGH WOODGATE  – is a passionate and dedicated woman who became a champion; a high-profile professional jumps jockey, and the only woman ever to win the famously dangerous Great Mountain Race in the Victorian High Country.Then one race changed everything. She had a horrific fall, broadcast on national television. With the racing world watching and fearing the worst, she survived, but only just. 17 days in a coma, nearly every bone broken, both lungs punctured, brain damage, detached retina… everything but her spirit was broken. [More…] MICHAEL SCHIAVELLO – Known Internationally as “The Voice”, Michael Schiavello is Australia’s most globally watched television sports presenter and commentator, broadcast to over 140 countries, best-selling author, and award winning television personality.[More…]
ALAN NEWEY –Workplace Safety Speaker. Alan Newey is a survivor of a workplace accident and the director of Chat Safety. Having lost his right dominant arm to a conveyor belt accident, and spent many years in recovery and rehabilitation, he now presents to groups on the effects of his workplace accident and the impact on him and his family. Alan speaks from the point of view of an injured worker and gives a real insight into what happens to you during and after such a life-changing experience. [More…] DAVID CAMPESE –David Campese is a household name in rugby. Many view David as one of the greatest and most entertaining rugby players to have ever graced the rugby field. Representing Australia for 15 years and new south wales for 11 years, he achieved and still holds the world record for the most tries in a test match (64).[More…] CAROLYN PETHICK – After serving for nearly 30 years with Victoria Police, Carolyn Pethick is travelling the state talking to groups and businesses about her experiences of discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment within the ranks of Victoria Police. Both her talks and her book “To Hell and Back – A Policewoman’s Story’, are aimed at encouraging women to speak up and report the discriminative treatment that women experience in the workplace daily. She is also educating the offenders on the long term effects that these behaviours can have on their victims. 
ROBYN DAVIDSON – Writer : explorer : filmmaker : cultural commentator Public and Inspirational speaker
At the age of 27, Robyn Davidson walked three thousand kilometres alone across the Australian desert, with a dog and four camels. She became instantly famous, and to set the record straight, she wrote ‘Tracks’ – an international best seller, published in 20 languages, never out of print, and made into an international feature film. [More…]


David Parkin

Rob Redenbach

Lisa Curry

Derrick McManus

Andrew Fraser

Prof Fiona Wood

Nigel Collin

Tammy Van Wisse

Andrew Gaze

Melanie Tran

Darren Flanagan

Allan Pease

Lauren Jackson

Lisa McInnes-Smith

Danny Green

Tony Mowbray

Laurie Lawrence

Robert DiPierdomenico

Eric Philips

Tom Potter

Jessica Watson

Dr Glenn Singleman

Heather Swan

Kevin Sheedy

Michael Groom

John Coutis

Peter Bland

Duncan Armstrong

Tony Wheeler

Yossi Ghinsberg

Kieren Perkins

Janine Shepherd

Li Cunxin

Lauren Jackson

Darren Berry

Katrina Webb

Graeme Alford

Sue Stanley

John Shackleton

Tony Rafferty

Tracy Barrell OAM

Steven Bradbury OAM

Katlego Mabusela

Rosie Pekar

Laura Berg

Tim Gibson

Grahak Cunningham

Rum Charles

Mark Squirrell

Jesse Martin

Rachael Robertson

Stan the Man

Richard Bowles

Rob Edwards

Robin Daubeny

James Wood

Peter Thurin

Lauren Burns

Glenn Manton

Dr Matthew Worthington

Peter Hillary

Sally Anderson

Peter Fitzsimons

Mark Matthews

Andrew Bryant

Trish Jackson

Daniel Burgess

Allana Corbin

Robyn Moore

Kylie Wright-Ford

Don Elgin

Trav Bell

Matthew Levy O.A.M

Greg Sellar

Peter Hughes

Steven Fine

Catherine Plano

Michael Cain

Paris mitchell

Baden Cooke

Susan Sheehan

Amanda Stevens

Tofe Evans

Rhian Allen

Grant Mullen

Geoff Knight

Joey Zuber

Jonathan Gravenor

Shaun O’Gorman

Daryl Elliott Green

Cam Greenwood