Daryl Elliott Green

In May 2000, Daryl Elliott Green and two fellow officers were on a routine job when they were ambushed by a man wielding a gun. He shot Daryl twice in the face and shoulder. Despite critical injuries, Daryl responded by drawing his firearm and searching for the shooter while trying to protect his colleagues.

For his actions that night, Daryl was presented with a Valour Award, Queensland Police’s highest bravery accolade. But on a personal level and while undergoing painful facial reconstruction surgeries, he struggled with debilitating depression. Yet while he didn’t know it at the time, he was on the precipice of a remarkable journey of healing and introspection.

Supported by loved ones and professionals, Daryl found an inner strength he didn’t know he had. Eventually, he returned to work and went on to achieve significant goals. Today, Daryl empowers others through TWICE SHOT, his motivational speaking and coaching business.

With an intuitive gift for public speaking, Daryl delivers powerful life lessons with energy, humour and an optimism that impacts upon his audience. TWICE SHOT talks are customised to suit an audience’s needs and enhanced by multimedia, including audio of the shooting, 3D computer modelling, 2D schematics, and crime scene photos.

We’ve all had bullets slammed into us, perhaps not physically, but it might have felt like it at the time. If your organisation is dealing with disruption or change and your leaders and team members could benefit from a resilience boost, prepare to be enthralled by Daryl’s inspiring story. TWICE SHOT talks are designed specifically to make your teams and leaders bullet proof.

In 2015, Daryl won the Kerrie Nairn Scholarship offered by Professional Speakers Australia.

In 2018, Daryl was made a Lifeline Ambassador.


I had the pleasure of witnessing Daryl’s presentation at the PTSD forum in Brisbane 2015. It was the short version, but it is easily one of the best presentations I’ve seen – moving and informative, but also very entertaining. The first thing that struck me was the courage required to re-live that horrific event in order to try and help other people who had suffered similarly. Then there was the mental strength needed to go from a depressed state to standing up in front of an audience and not only telling a demanding story, but also doing it in such an entertaining and informative way. Daryl not only deserves our thanks, but our congratulations on what he’s doing for the community. If you have an opportunity to see his presentation live don’t miss it – you’ll regret it if you do. – Ian Chappell, Australian Cricket Captain 1971-1975

I felt I was right there by Daryl’s side through the whole journey – from the shooting, to his hospital bed and through his recovery. His presentation grips the audience as we listen to the live police tapes and see the X-rays of his injuries. It is a unique experience. – John Brogden AM, Chairman of Lifeline Australia

I would firstly like to restate that you are one of the most dynamic speakers I have ever had the privilege of hearing. Your presentation profoundly touched both my heart and my mind. – Norm Wotherspoon, National Service Infantry Soldier Vietnam 1966-67