Melanie Tran

Melanie Tran is the first person in the world with a neuromuscular condition to achieve The Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze, Silver and Gold Award through Muscular Dystrophy NSW. Melanie shared her Duke of Ed journey with SBS and Triple J radio and spoke about how The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award shaped her life and changed her perceptions. She has also spoken at many events including TEDxYouth@Sydney.

People tend to think a wheelchair is a restriction, and having a disability means a dull and boring life with no goals or sense of achievement. We often hear the phrase “don’t judge people by their appearance” – we can all say it, but how many of us can achieve it? In saying that, how many people approach someone in a wheelchair and ask them what their goals are or what they want to do in their career? When a person hesitates to ask these questions is it because their subconscious takes over, leading them to think that people in wheelchairs are not capable of succeeding in life, or is it purely because they are overpowered by uncertainty and don’t know how to approach someone with a disability?

Melanie proved that disability does not define a person. A person with a disability is no different to others and are capable of succeeding in life. Watch her talk on ‘How to Climb a Mountain in a Wheelchair’