Sally Anderson

Sally Anderson is a world renowned Leadership Coach, Leadership Advance Facilitator, Inspirational Keynote speaker, Author and Master Coach Trainer! She’s one of the leading inspirational female speakers of our time and has a powerful authentic story to share! There are keynote speakers who entertain, some who educate, and others who inform … Sally transforms! She captures attention, gaining the hearts and minds of audiences with a message that has impact long after the event ends.

Sally is at the forefront of sustainable human and organizational transformation – she couples 20 years in the corporate world with lessons she has garnered through her amazing and unique life story to help others achieve sustainable transformation for professional and personal success.

Sally has a long history of supporting organisational, cultural and individual change across the globe. She formulated the unique delivery and content of the Evolved Leadership Curriculum and has spent 13 years refining its teachings. Her revolutionary education can be experienced via Keynote Speaking, private one on one Leadership coaching, 3 Day Leadership Advances, Leadership Development Programs, Indigenous Workshops & or Leadership Coach Certification.

Her unique personal perspectives, traumatic history and eventual mastery as a transformational coach provides a rare combination of talents. This laid the foundation for a vocation to help others achieve a similar transcendence. As a result Sally has a sound knowledge base for her philosophy and teachings and their application in the personal and professional realm.

Her determination to regain her life from the most dehumanising experience imaginable, to dedicating her life to helping others has shaped her personal development and destiny to become one of the most pre-eminent speakers and transformation coaches we have seen.

Her first book ‘Freefall—Living Life Beyond The Edge’, was published by New York Book Publisher Morgan James in 2011 (also available via Amazon and in Kindle form). Sally’s second book, ‘The Co-creative Age – Evolved Leadership In The 21st Century’, co-authored by Roger Te Tai, is being published later this year. She has also written numerous book chapters, corporate sector publications, personal development publications and publications for youth reform initiatives. Sally’s 60 Minute Documentary that aired 2004 was the highest rated 60 Minute segment in the history of 60 Minutes New Zealand & it also won the Qantas Humanitarian Award that same year. She has a double feature 60 Minute Life Profile Documentary airing 11 years later in New Zealand early August 2015.

Sally’s personal brand of storytelling resonates with all types of audiences, revealing not only her expertise, but the passion for the subject she speaks about. Audience evaluations consistently rate her presentations as exceptional and life-altering! Audiences are left in no doubt as to her message and the difference it can make in their lives. She builds a close rapport with her audiences using her innovative and refreshing approach to keynote speaking, and sharing her unbelievable journey.

Sally helps people overcome the biggest obstacle in the way of their success – themselves – both personally & professionally. She has overcome obstacles most people would consider impossible and her life reads like a great fictional novel; the kind where the heroine overcomes incredible odds, and then turns around to help others do the same. She knows all too well that YOU get to create a new ending to your own story.

Sally’s courage and determination to regain her life after a major trauma has shaped her to become one of New Zealand’s most inspiring and life changing speakers and one of the leading inspirational female speakers of our time with a powerful story to share – she entertains, educates, and transforms. Her story resonates with all who hear her speak and their outlook on life is transformed forever!

NB – Sally can customise her presentations to your own requirements – talk to us about your objectives and Sally will craft a keynote or a workshop specifically targeted your needs.

Speaker Testimonials

“I’ve been a speaker for over 20 years in the USA and I have never seen a more compelling speaker than Sally Anderson.”
Alex Carroll – Radio Publicity Guru USA

“In a world where so many speakers are self pro-claimed experts, Sally stands out as one of those rare speakers who has actually earned
the right to grace the stage. A master of personal growth and sustainable transformation, Sally combines her high-impact and electrifying
presence with an intimate and personal connection to her audience to create an experience that stirs the imagination of every soul in
the room. When I watched Sally on the stage in Los Angeles, I was riveted by her ability to take her horrific story, frame it perfectly for the
audience so that they could receive it and then share her triumph to a screaming standing ovation. Every person in that room carried a
piece of Sally with them when they left. I have spoken to some who were in that audience and her impact on their lives remains long after
she leaves the stage.”
Steve Lowell – International Speaker and Professional Speaking Mentor – Ottawa, Canada

“I have always been amazed and inspired by how tragic events can cripple and destroy some while others transform that experience into
a stepping stone to a greater life for themselves and others. Sally Anderson’s story is one of the latter inspiring tales of not just surviving,
but thriving and then leading others down that path. Through my years of study of new thought, ancient wisdom, psychology, addiction
treatment I find Sally to be one of the most trans-formative and inspiring leaders/teachers/speakers that I have had the pleasure of
working with. If you are ready, really ready, to change your ‘default’ patterns of living and step into the life you are meant to live Sally’s your
gal! Make sure you experience Sally as a speaker/coach/retreat leader, the return will be invaluable!”
Meredith Thomas – Actress, Activist, Author, Matchmaker – Los Angeles/USA

“Astounding; Bold; Innovative. An array of complex ideas/challenges integrated into a framework serving a profound foundation for
Collin James/Thoughtleaders Conference, Sydney, Australia

“Sally Anderson is a dynamic and powerful speaker. Her ability to connect with and empower her audience to transformation was life
changing. I am honored and blessed to have experienced her personal story and heartfelt wisdom”.
La Tania Michelle – Founder – Wealthy Women Network USA

“Anyone wanting to learn from, reach and sustain greatness need to look no further than Sally Anderson. Sally’s compelling stage presence
is equally matched by her dynamic and unrivalled content for sustaining results in the personal and professional transformation arena.”
Mark Piatelli – CEO/Founder – Dreamsong Productions USA


NB – Sally can customise her presentations to your own requirements – once she knows what your objectives are, she will craft a keynote or a workshop specifically targeted to your needs.

Words Used To Describe Sally Anderson’s Presentations

Extraordinary Stage Presence
Honest / Real / Raw
Profound / Memorable
Brave / Powerful