Al Jeffery

Al Jeffery is a 20-year old Melbourne social entrepreneur and “creative facilitator of personal and social change” as he is described.

After starting his journey at just 12 years old, he has started up and been involved in many social business and projects. Ranging from an online guitar accessories store raising money for the Australian Orangutang Project to a social clothing brand and now a global event series an eco-system of organisations for collective progress.

Over the years, Al has gained recognition for his impact and entrepreneurial knowledge, such as being listed in Anthill Magazine’s Top “30Under30” entrepreneurs as one of three under 20 years old. He has also been featured in Australian and global media many times on topics such as social entrepreneurship, collaboration and innovation.

Recently Al Jeffery was asked to speak at TEDxYouth@MileHigh in Denver, Colorado where he shared his vision for his current ventures Onely, Inc. and the ONEWorld Summit Series.


Al speaks on topics such as:

social entrepreneurship for youth creating high performance culture human potential and breaking through fears

designing the future

Al facilitates workshops on topics such as:

re-defining company culture and DNA creating space within teams for deeper connection and understanding

connecting deeply with ourselves and others through movement



“Alex’s genuine passion and enthusiasm is inspiring. His innate ability to reflect on past learnings, allows him to evolve and constantly improve his approach to each new venture. Definitely recommend him as a speaker or facilitator for any audience wanting authentic stories and clear actions!” – Maree Schipano (Australia Post)

“I invited Alex Jeffery to come and speak at Ignite Dinners, about authentic connections and the importance of relationships in an entrepreneur’s life. His stories were engaging, and the theories or concepts he covered were really informative. His activities also really added to the learning experience.  I would highly recommend Alex Jeffery to speak at any other events, his experiences and delivery was a pleasure to share!” – Stephanie Maynard (Ignite Dinners)

“Al did a 50-minute presentation at our school to about 80 year 12 students on motivation and goal-setting. He was able to make references to a number of models and was able to address individual needs from particular students in an insightful way that was useful to the wider audience. Feedback from the audience was very positive and we are hoping to have him back to talk to other cohorts” – Marty Svihla (Upwey High School)

“Al is at least as bright and enlightening as he is talkative! Al doesn’t talk to an audience, rather he seeks to fully engage them interactively!” – Mathew Farmakis (Ignite Dinners)