Kerryn Redpath

Kerryn Redpath grew up in a loving family, is a devoted mother of three wonderful adult children and a powerful speaker on the dangers of substance abuse.

Over the past six years, Kerryn has dedicated her life to delivering a powerful Drug & Alcohol Awareness presentation in Secondary Colleges and Businesses across Australia. This role evolved out of Kerryn’s own devastating life and near death trials many years ago.

Despite having a happy childhood and attending good schools, like so many teens who just want to ‘fit in’, Kerryn followed her peers into the party scene. After what began as ‘just a bit of fun’, her life gradually spiralled out of control. At the age of twenty five Kerryn was rushed to the Alfred Hospital Melbourne, where she was diagnosed with drug related heart and kidney failure and given less than two hours to live. After spending five longs months gravely ill in hospital, amazingly Kerryn survived but has been left with life-long consequences. Kerryn deeply regrets the choices of her youth and has not touched an illicit drug since.

Kerryn recently completed 10 years of employment in an independent college, working with students from all levels. In 2010 she was invited to speak in a secondary college by a teacher who knew of her story. Her message was so well received by students and staff members that Kerryn realised she had a vital message of warning that she needed to share and so her journey began.

As one with first-hand experience, Kerryn understands just how easy it can be to slide from experimentation to addiction and she speaks with authority on this topic. Naturally the audience respond extremely well to the authenticity of her message as her knowledge and passion to make a difference are made evident.

Kerryn’s message is not purely academic. She also regularly receives calls from distraught parents who have a son or daughter who is battling drug addiction. She has met with several of these young people and directed them into rehab, with some great outcomes. Kerryn is on the ground passionately using her experience to make a difference. She hears their stories and understands the current reality of drug & alcohol addiction.

As the authorities, health systems and families of this nation struggle with high levels of drug and alcohol use and abuse ( in particular the current devastating scourge of Crystal Methamphetamine use) warning people of the dangers of drug & alcohol use and equipping them with vital information is the aim of Kerryn’s program. As indicated in her feedback and references, Kerryn has a message that really causes those that hear it to sit up and listen.

Kerryn’s presentation brings a compelling message of real-life stories intertwined with up-to-date information on the most commonly used drugs and alcohol. Her PowerPoint presentation also includes newspaper articles, video & radio clips, information on the brain and risk-taking, what to do in an emergency, why people use drugs and alcohol and much more. She concludes her session with a message of the potential and hope for the future.

Kerryn has also spoken at forums on ICE and other drugs & crime, she has been on radio interviews and in 2014 featured in an SBS documentary on Marijuana.

A compelling speaker whose message is changing lives in the workplace and at  schools.


Kerryn’s new book, ‘Chasing After The Wind’ is now available for order on either the ATOM website:

or her website:                                  –   It is now also available on Amazon and Kindle. 

‘Chasing After The Wind’ is an autobiographical/educational book aimed at educating and warning readers about the potential dangers of alcohol and other drug use.

This is a riveting compilation of real-life stories intertwined with up to date information, links and help services etc., and has been passionately written for ages 15 through to adult, across all demographics. My hope is that young readers in particular, might learn about some of the consequences of substance use and take on a message that encourages them to make wise choices in their lives. The feedback has been extremely positive with indications that it also serves as an educational awareness tool for parents.



“Kerryn was recently invited to the organisation in which I work to deliver her important message on the topic of drug and alcohol related substance abuse and its impacts within the community and the workplace.  Kerryn delivered 12 highly personable and powerful presentations on the impacts of drugs and alcohol to employees over a 5 day period that struck a chord with many of the individuals present.  Kerryn is a remarkable speaker and very well educated on the subject or drug use/abuse in the workplace and in general.  I would highly recommend having Kerryn come speak with employees, students and the community. She did an incredible job of communicating the dangers of substance abuse and how it affects not only the addict but family members as well”.  – a HR Superintendent within the Resources/Manufacturing Industry.

“Recently our students received the opportunity to hear Kerryn Redpath speak on the important topic of drug and related substance abuse issues in our community. While Kerryn is certainly a proficient and engaging public speaker, it was the highly personal nature of her story which struck a chord with our students most. They were offered a valuable insight into the means by which a young person from a loving home can, through a few bad choices, so easily slide into a lifestyle which offers such dangerous consequences. I applaud Kerryn for the work that she does and have no doubt that the students she speaks to are affected by her message and have cause to reflect on it for years following.” – Phoebe Tallent Coordinator Of Student Personal Development Program Haileybury College, Keysborough

“We invited Kerryn Redpath to share about the dangers associated with the misuse of drugs and alcohol in a recent Secondary School Chapel service. She shared from her own personal experience about the devastation that drugs and alcohol can cause. Kerryn also had very up-to-date information about the impact that these substances have on the brain of those who use them. Kerryn’s message was very powerful and impacting. In fact, it is one of the most impacting sessions that I have ever heard dealing with this important subject. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kerryn as a speaker for a Chapel service or school assembly to deal with this very relevant and important issue.” Peter Nash Chaplain Waverley Christian College

“Kerryn Redpath came to us highly recommended and she did not disappoint. Her approach with our Year 9 students was excellent, with a good balance of personal, factual and hypothetical references, with a visual and well-paced power point. The information presented was in line with our Health Curriculum and pitched at an understandable level. Our student feedback was overwhelmingly positive and they took away some critical key messages and resources from the presentation. I think her message is a strong one at a time when our young people are having to make serious choices about their wellbeing, including exposure to drugs and alcohol, and Kerryn’s personal and professional messages are meaningful and have a strong impact. I would happily recommend her to any school or youth based organisation”. – Sophie Lea Director of Counselling and Wellbeing Woodleigh School.

Kerryn Redpath tackles the drug and alcohol issue with a unique perspective. A gripping, intense, no-holding back approach from a person who has a personal story to share, who has been in the midst of the devastation that drugs can conjure and someone who is determined to ensure as many young people as possible learn from her mistakes. Our school has been a regular host of Kerryn and each year our young senior students walk away not only more informed but with a renewed personal agenda to make sensible decisions with their own lives. Highly recommended! – Richard Anderson Deputy Principal/Head of Senior School St John’s Grammar School

Please accept my gratitude for your attendance at Mission Australia on Tuesday 24th April.Following completion of the Program, the participants were asked to provide feedback regarding the content of the course and its relevance to them.Given the age range of the group (18-61 years) I expected a large variance in the replies.I am happy to advise that your session received very positive feedback from a cross section of the participants with some stating that it was one of the sessions that had the most effect on them.Once again thank you for your attendance and for sharing your insights and experiences with the group. – David Wood – Transitions To Work Co-ordinator, Mission Australia