Tania De Jong

Tania de Jong AM is a dynamic speaker, acclaimed soprano, business woman, social entrepreneur, inclusionista and creativity and innovation catalyst. She has founded a number of successful businesses (Creative Universe, Creative Innovation Global, Music Theatre Australia and Pot-Pourri), created two charities (The Song Room and Creativity Australia) and has the voice of an angel. Tania has spoken, performed and presented around the world.

Australian Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2006, Brainlink Woman of Achievement 2009, Member of the Order of Australia 2008 and many other awards.
Tania de Jong AM is an entertaining, inspirational, knowledgeable and experienced, public speaker, MC, performer, workshop leader and transformational innovation business facilitator who achieves outstanding results and standing ovations. She often concludes her keynotes with a powerful song.

She is the ideal speaker for after dinner, breakfast or lunch spots and for Conferences and Awards programs (Opening, Closing, Keynote, Workshop), Launches, Staff Training/Personal Development Days, client events etc. She has presented keynote presentations and workshops for audiences of 10 to 10,000 for major national and international conferences, for corporations including the leadership teams of organisations including McKinsey & Company, ANZ, AGL, Veolia, AON, David Jones, BHP, Telstra, BCG, Spotlight, PwC, Perpetual, Melbourne, Deakin and La Trobe Universities, The Florey Institute and many others. She also speak and presents workshops for educational and health organisations, creativity and innovation forums, young people’s summits and Rotary District conferences. She has been heard on many radio stations and writes and blogs on a variety of topics.

Her warmth, ability to engage with audiences and connect and deliver profound messages is topped off with a special song to suit your goals for the session. Her presentations, workshops and performances can be themed to suit your specific goals and will touch and move your audience in so many ways.

Through Tania’s work and her collaboration with major organisations and top teams over many years, she has developed a number of strategies and programs to unlock capabilities in creativity and innovation.

Tania can assist you, your clients, teams, organisations, conferences and special events through:

  1. Delivering an inspirational, customised keynote speech
  2. Creating a special, customised performance to enchant and inspire as a solo performer or with her acclaimed group Pot-Pourri
  3. Being an informed and interactive MC
  4. Presenting a creative workshop to transport your people into a right-brained ‘can-do’ headspace.
  5. Developing and producing a one or two day workshop or conference bringing in a range of world class speakers, facilitators to inspire and teach strategies and skills to take back and implement in your workplace

Tania has been keynote speaker, MC, performer, workshop leader and facilitator at a wide range of conferences and special events. She builds rapport with diverse groups ranging from Board Members, CEOs and senior executives to those on the shop floor. She has spoken, performed and conducted workshops at conferences across Australia, as well as NZ, USA, Europe and Asia.
Tania always customises each speech and can develop a keynote topic to suit your specific audience. Here are some topic suggestions:

  • Positive human collisions: the secrets of developing a culture of innovation
  • How to develop a culture where creativity and innovation can flourish
  • Inclusive leadership and why all types of diversity are critical to innovation
  • How diverse shared experiences lead to greater engagement
  • Creating a pipeline for innovation
  • Dealing with failure and developing resilience
  • How creativity leads to improved wellbeing, social inclusion, innovation, leadership, productivity and transformation
  • Creativity and Innovation – how to harness them in your people and organisation? 
  • We are all creative – building creative confidence and self-belief
  • Dealing with failure and developing resilience
  • Using your right brain to super-charge your work and life
  • Tools to unlock your individual and organisational creative potential
  • How to develop a culture where creativity and innovation can flourish
  • Entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship within your organisation
  • Creativity: the strategic tool of the 21st Century 
  • Why creativity has become our most endangered species, and why it is more important now than ever before
  • Using your right brain to super-charge your work and life
  • Tools to unlock your individual and organisational creative potential
  • How creativity leads to improved wellbeing, social inclusion, innovation, leadership, productivity and transformation
  • Unleashing the unique creative voices of your team and your organisation

 With One Voice – building a united and positive culture

  • Every voice matters
  • Understanding and embracing the importance of diversity
  • How to create an outperformance culture through increased engagement
  • Why creativity leads to greater productivity
  • Why doing good really matters and connecting with the community
  • Building bridges of understanding and making a difference every day
  • Case studies to inspire action



“This golden-voiced diva gave us all goose bumps. Her message was powerful and her never give up attitude was so inspiring. She has clearly earned her success through hard work and extraordinary talent. Entertaining and brilliant!”   Ernst & Young – Entrepreneur of the Year

“Tania de Jong brought warmth, enthusiasm and inspiration to our launch of Constellation – Professional Women’s Speaker Series. We were overwhelmed with the positive feedback on our selection of speaker. Tania managed to transcend our business world with her background as a lawyer, evoked compassion and understanding with her family history and encouraged us to be resilient when our dreams are shattered. She inspired us all to look for the music in our lives, let our dreams soar and our voices sing.”   Deirdre Hosking, Founding Patron, Constellation, NA

“Session was great. A terrific buzz after it. Freedom is coming…truly first rate!”  McKinsey & Company

“The session was very well received and will always be a memorable one. The energy was great and we had excellent feedback.” AGL Senior Leadership Team

“Your speech and song were real masterpieces! YOU REALLY WOWED THEM!”
Sir Gus Nossal AC, The Florey Institute

“We were delighted with the impact and outcome of your session. Many people have made positive comments on the session and the energy and passion that it produced. Brilliant!” AON Top 200 Conference

“Thank you for being one of main drawcards at our Florey Innovation Symposium and giving the opening address. You set the scene beautifully for what was to follow with presentations from a broad array of neuroscientists and related disciplines. There is no doubt that the link between innovation, creativity and practical outcomes is beautifully enhanced by creative minds.” Geoffrey Donnan AO, The Florey Institute

“Thank you so much for your presentation. The feedback from delegates has been very positive with responses focussing on your theme of unlocking the creativity of those in the workforce. Several indicated they intend going back to their organisations with a mission to harness the creativity of their staff more effectively . You certainly touched a nerve with many of them signalling the risk-averse culture that has been steadily built up over the years standing as a barrier to their organisation’s going forward and have been inspired by  you to reverse the trend.” National Local Government Human Resource Conference

“We were excited to have Tania speak as part of our Excellence Seminar Series. The postgraduate students and staff who attended the talk only had wonderful things to say about her. They found her presentation inspiring, creative, engaging and very personal. Tania’s personality shone through her style and everyone responded to her beautiful heart. We would like to thank Tania for her amazing gifts and sharing them with us.” Monash Postgraduate Association

“Tania’s presentation was one of the most insightful and entertaining talks we had in recent months. The students and the professors thoroughly enjoyed the engaging talk and learnt about the power of creativity, innovation and collaboration. The importance of creativity in large corporations, the need for innovation specially in Australia and the real power of diversity are some of our key learnings we will remember and use. It was our privilege to hear her beautiful voice in the end, a perfect finish to the event. The event was a great success. A big thank you to Tania, on behalf of the students at Melbourne Business School.” Melbourne Business School

“Tania, thank you so much for being part of BCG’s 50th birthday Celebration Day. The feedback from our staff on your session has been tremendous – it was a real standout for many of us. One of the teams told me that before your workshop, they were struggling to get the rest of their team to engage and be creative and that afterwards they all wanted to be involved and participate. Thank you for being flexible and accommodating with our event. Your energy, passion, enthusiasm and joie de vivre are a real inspiration. Keep it up!” Miguel Carrasco, Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group

“Your insightful, and highly entertaining presentation certainly provided our audience with a detailed perspective and greater understanding into why creativity is more important now than ever before, and some of the key benefits to nurturing creativity which you identified such as: improved well being, leadership, and increased productivity, further highlighted how creativity ultimately leads to innovation.

Your in-depth knowledge into why diversity is also critical to unlocking creative potential and thus enabling innovation to flourish, was of great interest to our attendees, and was further demonstrated in the example you provided through your highly successful ‘One Voice’ program.”   Innovation Series, Brisbane

“Your presentation “Creative Leadership – The Key to Success in Uncertain Times” was excellent, evidenced by the number and calibre of questions from the audience. You provided cutting edge public policy thinking for our Trustees. Feedback from the event has been excellent.”   Centre for Economic Development Australia

“You were wonderful. You engaged with over 700 of our consultants in a powerful way and reinforced our own potential. The standing ovation was a testament to the way you moved us into a different headspace. Many people have mentioned it was the best session they have attended at a conference anywhere!” Price Waterhouse Coopers

“The event last night was a great success, and on a number of different levels. It was fun, built trust and shared experience amongst our group, and helped advance the leadership program we are workshopping. Your contribution was wonderful and you obviously have a winning set of products that are refreshingly different. Thank you for sharing the experience with us last night.” BHP Worsley Alumina

“Innovator, entrepreneur, entertainer – Tania has it all and delivers it all! Tania gave our CEO members so much more than we expected – highly recommended for your next event.” The CEO Institute

“Tania is one of those rare people who change the world for the better and who positively influence and create opportunities for the community. At a recent presentation to BPW Geelong Tania inspired our members to rediscover their inner creativity, to aim high and to persevere toward achieving their goals. Her passion and enthusiasm is infectious.”   BPW

Mark Twain said: ‘Sing like no one’s listening, love like you’ve never been hurt, dance like nobody’s watching, and live like it’s heaven on earth’. This philosophy epitomizes Tania de Jong!” Professor John Seybolt, ex-Dean of Melbourne Business School

“The National Board and others really enjoyed having you with us for the two days and thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and your enchanting performance at the dinner. Your keynote was powerful, engaging and inspiring. I heard nothing but glowing reports from the Board about your performance, so you really made an impact!” Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Board Retreat

“Tania is an accomplished professional and delivered an immaculate performance with substantial impact in a short space of time. This in itself confirmed to the delegates how sustainable new behaviors are possible with focused commitment.”     PHA

“Tania presented a keynote to our 450 delegates from Catholic Care programs across Sydney. Her powerful keynote inspired and moved all of us to unlock more of our creative potential and find our passion and purpose. To top it all off her beautiful voice enchanted us all. It was a very life-affirming session and we have received great feedback from our staff.” Catholic Care Total Staff Day

“Tania was the most engaging speaker we have had – never in my dreams did I believe I would have over 80 of my clients holding hands and singing all in tune! A great testament to the ability of Tania to not only get a critical message across but getting people to take immediate action. Leadership is about taking action – there’s no doubt Tania, that is what you delivered. Great presentation, great fun and most important, a message that people won’t forget. Thanks again for ‘bringing to life’ creativity in leadership. Others are good at the talk, you walk the talk!”                             Wayne Dyson, Director, Bridgeworks


“Swinburne University was honoured that Tania agreed to speak to our graduates at two of our recent Graduation ceremonies. Tania was just terrific. She gave an inspiring Occasional Dress to the Graduates. Her speech was encouraging, uplifting, appropriately challenging, and of course, beautifully finished off with a song. Our Graduates were simply captivated. Well done Tania.”   Bill Scales AO, Chancellor, Swinburne University of Technology